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Collins Gem Classic Albums speaks about how music critics and people in the music business did not realize how great disco was. They did not realize that disco was actually the music revolution of the year that was slipping by everyone’s view. Disco was very unpopular and some people even went to the extremes of wearing badges that said “disco sucks.” Critics were saying that disco music was phony and was not real music. Collins Gem Classic Albums also speaks of when New Musical Express finally listened to Saturday Night Fever and realized that disco music was real music. I think that disco music is indeed real music. Music is needed for people to dance to. Without disco music, people would not have came up with a lot of the dances that are around today. Dancing is a way for people to let go and have fun and I feel that disco music allowed for people to do that. I would say that disco music is not necessarily a threat to “serious” rock because to me they seem like two different genres. I feel that this music can be on the same level as other kinds of rock. Everyone has their favorite type of music. Although creating disco music may not be as hard as creating a rock hit with meaningful lyrics, I feel that creating…show more content…
One Love has an extremely reggae sound to it. Bob Marley was born in Jamaica and was able to bring Jamaican music to the United States. Bob Marley’s mother was African American and his mother was white. This led for Bob Marley to say that he was not on African American’s side nor white’s side. Marley said that he was on God’s side. Marley would say that he could use music to fight. Marley wrote One Love on his own. This song has a very happy feel to it. Throughout the lyrics, Marley is pleading for mankind to come together and put the differences past them in sake of the children and mankind. I enjoyed One Love’s message and happy feel. Bob Marley’s smooth voice and reggae feel was fun to listen

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