Mark Twain's The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

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In The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain amuses the reader with a subplot in which Tom and Becky start to grow fond of each other which teaches the message about how love cannot be controlled. First, Tom tries to get Becky’s attention. Then, a few days later, Tom is drawing and Becky is interested by Tom’s art. The conflict develops as Tom proposes to Becky. The conflict reaches a climax as Becky learns Tom was originally engaged to Amy Lawrence and is hurt. The events reach a resolution as Tom and Becky make up. The theme is developed by how Tom and Becky feel towards each other. This can be seen when in chapter 16 it says, “Tom found himself writing “BECKY” in the sand with his big toe; he scratched it out, and was angry with himself for his weakness.…show more content…
At the beginning, Tom was smitten for Becky. Then, they broke up their engagement. Now, Tom doesn’t want to have any feelings for Becky as the reader can tell from the given quote since Tom gets angry with himself for thinking about her. This quote shows how even though, Tom doesn’t want to love Becky, he can’t help himself. This can be easily related to our theme about how love cannot be controlled. Tom undergoes a physical journey in which he runs away from Becky and decides to become a pirate. During this physical journey, Tom starts to change and grow in his understanding of love thus causing him to embark on a mental journey in which Tom struggles with his feelings for Becky. Through this mental shift, Tom has an emotional journey with Becky when he returns home. Overall, the tone of this trailer can best be described as heartbreaking and romantic. This tone was developed and shown in our trailer by the heartfelt dialogue, romantic expressions, and the upbeat
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