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Vlad the Impaler At age eleven Vlad was imprisoned for stubborn behavior. Vlad the Impaler impaled people with steaks if they upset him.Vlad the impaler was a very aggressive person who got his way or people would pay the price. Vlad IV also known as Vlad the Impaler was born in the winter of 1431. Vlad was born in Sighisoara Transylvania. He is the son of Prince Vlad Dragul. “At the age of 12 or 13 Vlads Father traded he and his brother in a political deal in exchange for freedom (Goldberg, 33)”. In 1457 when Vlad was still a young prince, city leaders and boyars murdered Vlads father and brother. Ten years after his father's reign, Vlad hosted a dinner for the boyars who were involved. After the feist, Vlad had his guards impale all 200 plus soldiers. After the slaying of the boyars the grounds around Vlads castle were said to be muddy with blood. He also staked all the corpses for the travelers to see which became known as the forest of the impaled (Goldberg,12)…show more content…
He ruled in a bloody way. He did it in a way to put fear into the hearts of opponents. He would order people to be impaled on stakes. He did this to anyone who upset him. There was a rumor going around because of this. Historians had seen Vlad as a socialist hero. They thought Vlad attacked the boyars to benefit peasants. Vlad was ejected in 1462. “Vlad bloodily carved his way through the Boyars to strengthen and centralise his power, adding to his horrific reputation.

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