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the story tell about of a young girl arrives in a small town in Germany to live with her new foster parents. According to our equation of the book and the film is that Hans is an attractive person, a very loving father Liesel but she is also very brave and loving, but she was much more arduous. Mother Rosa has properties that hard but had a love and concern with care, he often shouted but also has a good heart. Niessel which acts as Liesel show maturity, when he had been abandoned by the people he loves. How he fought, joy and struggle to remain with those he loved. This story about the innocence of youth, as well as the course of the war. Liesel seen grow from a young girl who is almost illiterate. His father Hans taught him how to read. He…show more content…
But Hans failed to join the Nazi Party and suggest Liesel should read Mein Kamph. in the film, Hans had to join the party. In the book The mayor and his wife, trying to show that they want to save money. Ilsa Hermann (Barbara Auar), stop bar Rosa Hubermann because they want to show that they have the power. in the film, as the mayor seems to be trying to control, perhaps hoping to protect his wife had an emotional mind as he saw the growing bond between Ilsa and Liesel. Mayor wants to protect Ilsa from Liesel is too close, so Ilsa did not get hurt in case if something happens. Liesel angry and threw the book to Ilsa, when he said that he will not give the laundry again. But in the film, Liesel did not shout rant or throw the book to Ilsa, when Ilsa says that he will not give Laundry again. After Hans seen giving some bread to a Jew, they were whipped by a Nazi officer. There was no violence, but Hans had to tell the name of the officer and he was very worried about what will happen because of her actions. In the film, there are scenes of physical violence such as getting lashes, Hans should tell the officer his name. This action is causing Max to leave the

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