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Marilyn Monroe (born Norma Jeane Mortenson) rose to fame in the early 50’s after roles in Hollywood movies, and carried on to become a renowned and prolific actress, singer, model and sex symbol all over the world - Monroe was a more than just household name, but an icon. She experienced a turbulent childhood and due to having a mentally unstable mother, lived in foster homes for most of her youth. However Monroe rose through this and grew to become one of the greatest stars to ever grace the silver screen. For this reason, her sudden death at the age of 36 was all the more devastating for her millions of fans. Many have debated the cause of her death on the 5th of August, 1969 ever since: the coroner who conducted her post mortem believed…show more content…
Kennedy (who happened to be President at the time) and his brother, Bobby. It was greatly rumoured and speculated at the time that Marilyn Monroe was having affairs with both of the Kennedy brothers, and this rumour was bruited particularly by the fact that she performed an infamous sultry and alluring version of ‘Happy Birthday’ at a celebration for President Kennedy’s 45th. The celebration took place three months before Monroe’s death - JFK’s wife, Jackie, was not present. So it obviously cannot be denied that Marilyn Monroe had close ties with the Kennedy’s, but the real question is how close? How much did she know about the inner goings-ons within politics upper echelon? The simple answer - too close. There are many people within this close-knit circle who could see Monroe as a potential threat, as JFK had a long line of political dynasty and integrity to uphold, and she could only be considered to be compromising his…show more content…
At the time of her death, organised crime was extremely prevalent in America and the Kennedy office, and the Italian Mafia were the most notorious of all. Recent reports have suggested that Bobby Kennedy, one of Marilyn’s lovers, had personally arranged a crackdown on the Mafia. Marilyn Monroe also held very close ties with another American great - actor, singer and member of the Rat Pack, Frank Sinatra. Sinatra was not only one of the most famous performers of his time, but was well known for his Italian-American roots, and in his peak had many connections with the Mafia. It has been argued that Monroe was spreading information around her circle of lovers, and sharing confidential political intelligence obtained from the Kennedy’s with Frank Sinatra and some of her other associates who were politically or criminally involved. Monroe’s volume of information left the Mafia vulnerable, as she had a direct route into exposing names, dates and places which could compromise their operation. This left them with no choice to not only to murder her, but cover up her passing as a suicide and not leave a

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