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Who was Marilyn Monroe? Marilyn Monroe was an inspiring, bright, and thriving woman who changed the lives of many people. Marilyn was born as Norma Jeane Mortenson and later changed her name as she became famous. She was born in Los Angeles, California on June 1st, 1926. Norma (Marilyn) was born not knowing her father and had many hardships throughout her short lived life. In Norma’s early life, she remembers her mother attempting to smother her with a pillow in her crib. When Norma was very young, her mother was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, which left Norma in foster care and orphanages. Grace and Doc Goddard cared for Norma most of her life. Then, the Goddards had to move to California because Doc’s job was transferred. They could not afford to bring her, so she was going to be…show more content…
Due to having a small part in The Asphalt Jungle, she got a lot of publicity. In that same year, she thrived as she starred in All About Eve as Claudia Caswell. In 1953, she made a big hit in Niargra, as a young married woman out to kill her husband with the help of her lover. With Marilyn’s hourglass figure and beautiful face she also starred in many commercials and was a major role model for many women. Marilyn suffered from pre-performance anxiety which often made her physically ill and tardy to film. This often made crew and co-stars angry with Marilyn. On January 14, 1954 she married a New York Yankee’s player, Joe Di Maggio. They soon divorced on October 27, 1954. She then was a star on The Seven Year Itch as the “dumb blonde”. Monroe was then tired of playing bubbly, dumb, blonde roles so she ended her contract with Fox and moved to New York City. In New York, she studied at the Actors Studio accompanied by Lee and Paula Strasberg. In 1955, Marilyn created her own studio known as Marilyn Monroe Productions. After the formation of her new studio, she got another contract with Fox. She acted in a comedic drama Bus

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