Who Is Margaret Atwood's Oryx And Crake?

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Margaret Atwood’s novel Oryx and Crake alternates between the past and present and through the memories of Snowman/Jimmy. It also goes back and forth between Snowman and the Crakers and between the two communities: the Compound and the Pleeblands. Her novel is a combination of science, capitalism and desensitization to the extreme. The novel subtly addresses the consequences that might occur when a societies’ obsession with science and control over nature are left unchecked and unregulated. Oryx and Crake establishes that voyeurism is an acceptable form of entertainment and in the present, it seems to be more and more relevant. In Gail Dines’ Pornland, she states that “Images today have now become so extreme that what used to be considered…show more content…
Transgenesis is the process of introducing a gene into a living organism so that the organism will display a new property and carry on that property to its offspring. It is exactly what Crake did when he created his Crakers, deleting the need for sex, religion and a social hierarchy. The ability to manipulate genes and “create” these meta-humans and carry on those preferred “genes” so that a whole new species arises really just affirms the real consequences of trying to create and replicate perfection and shows how truly terrifying it can really be. In addition, science has advanced to the point where a virus capable of wiping out humanity has been created. Although the end of humanity was part of a deceivingly, calculated plan by Crake, she presented a world where scientific advances are outweighing the moral costs and values. Atwood manages to picture a very drab future and informs us of the dangers if unchecked scientific advances without a secure

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