Margaret Atwood's Oryx And Crake

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The Future Is In Your Hands “What does the future hold?”(The Times) Margaret Atwood’s cautionary page-turner novel, Oryx and Crake, is set in a society only a few steps ahead of our own. The apocalypse she visualizes is scaringly and nauseatingly possible. In terms of her adventurous tale, Atwood has imagined the future ahead our society in her brilliantly constructed words by highlighting several themes existing in today’s world such as significant hierarchy between the privileged and the pauperized, desolation of the environment, and disdain for the arts. Hence, Atwood pricks our social and ethical consciousness by warning us of what we would much rather not be aware of; our nightmarishly possible future. Oryx and Crake reveals severe…show more content…
As time passes in our world more money is thrown at scientific companies since they are noticed as proficient moneymakers. In Oryx and Crake, Crake studies at the reputable Watson-Crick college because of his scientific intelligence while Jimmy as a words person gets accepted to an ordinary arts college, Martha Graham. As we go through the novel Atwood mentions: “Martha Graham was falling apart. It was surrounded by the tackiest kind of pleeblands: vacant warehouses, burnout tenement, empty parking lots… Compared with Martha Graham, Watson Crick was a palace (185, 199).” This passage highlights the significant differences between the two colleges as Watson-Crick is provided with a wide range of facilities while Martha Graham on the other hand is considerably ignored. Hence the detriment of arts and humanities is apparent in this world. It is worth not neglecting Jimmy’s father’s anxiety about him becoming a words person rather than a numbers one. This anxiety apprise the reader of the categorization taking place in Oryx and Crake’s society and the significant contempt for the arts. Margaret Atwood visualizes a similar condition to our era by including this categorization between arts and science in her novel, making us conscious of the results of showing higher respects for science and technology rather than arts and

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