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“Man on the Moon” is a movie with a drama and comedy genre about the late American entertainer, actor, and performance artist named Andy Kaufman. The movie debuted on 22nd of December 1999, the movie length went on for 1 hour and 58 minutes. This movie was written by Scott Alexander along with Larry Karaszewski and the movie was directed by a Czech film director, Milos Forman. This movie was nominated for 22 nominations on many awards on different categories and has won 5 awards which are golden globe for the best performance by an actor in a Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical (2000), OFTA Film Award for the best titles sequence (2000), Prism Commendation award for the theatrical feature film (2000), Berlin International Film Festival Award…show more content…
Andy Kaufman had a unique manner of demonstrating his comedy, he once brought a book on stage and read the whole book in front of a big number of live audience. He was notoriety for challenging a women for inter-gender wrestles, the very first women who wrestled Kaufman was once Lynne Marguiles, which later became his girlfriend. A professional wrestler often called Jerry Lawler then challenged Andy Kaufman into a wrestling match after her received a discriminating act from Kaufman. Out of most matches Jerry carried out, he conquered his opponent with the piledriver, which was a movement that performs spiking the opponent head-first onto the mat. After the wrestling competition, crisis obtained more difficult for Kaufman as it went downhill extensively fast and oppressive. SNL cancelled Kaufman’s show which affected his influence as an entertainer (in a foul way). It was simply then his career went from one hundred to zero when people found out that his wrestling competition with Jerry Lawler was fake. As people said “regrets comes last”, Kaufman regretted his action, and in reality, he wanted his life back as an entertainer and comedian. Not long after his career went down, he found out that he was suffering from cancer but nobody believe in him at first and

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