Importance Of Freedom Of Religion Essay

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Freedom to profess religion and to manage religious institutions Every citizen shall have right to freely choose his religion, this fundamental right is given Only to the citizen of Pakistan. The foreigners cannot claim their rights under this article in Pakistan. This fundamental right can never be suspended in case of emergency. It’s the safeguard for every citizen to choose their religion with his free will. Constitution brief two facts freedom to believe and freedom to act. Freedom of religion is an essential right of the citizens of every secular state. Religious freedom conflict with the Sharia law. The constitution of Pakistan to gives liberty for to choose religion between Muslims and non-Muslims but if anyone speaks against Islam or against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) then punishments mention in PPC is death penalty for…show more content…
No law shall be passed to restrict this freedom that is guaranteed by constitution. The tax for selling that type of religious books is exempt from licensing and tax as well. In the Court of United States it was held that the conviction for selling religious literature without licensing was in violation of constitutional rights. It was not enough that religious activities should not be taxed higher than other activities. They must not be taxed at all. Principle of every religion is to free to propagate and distribute or sale their literature. That is guaranteed by constitution that no law shall be passed or restrict of this freedom. In the early forms of Muslim culture were predominantly Arab and also the Muslim culture was influenced. In US constitution which some amendments known as a bill of rights in which government guaranteed to secure fundamental freedoms of the citizens including freedom of speech freedom of religion in due process of law. Religious liberty, consequently, is not merely a desirable thing

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