Malcom X's Journey To Mecca, By Malcolm X

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Malcolm X, a converter to the Islamic religion, was surprised when he travelled to Mecca in the early 1900’s. Malcolm X converted to Islam after spending time in prison and becoming a minister. He made his pilgrimage to Mecca after leaving prison and when he arrived he experienced Islam as a universal community of people that were blind to differences of color and race. After that experience Malcolm X believed that the white race was not evil, like much of the world believed at that time. Malcolm X was very passionate about the mainstream Muslim belief he preached about what he saw when he visited Mecca. His journey to Mecca showed him the acceptance of the Islamic faith and that everyone is welcome and there is no discrimination. Elijah Muhammad worked hard to enforce a strict moral code when it came to black separatism in the Islamic faith. He also preached the message of white people being devils. This idea impacted the Islamic community at the time and allowed a lot of famous people to join the religion, like Malcolm X. After his pilgrimage to Mecca, Malcolm X, broke off his partnership with Elijah and started to preach about his new mainstream way of practicing the Islam religion.…show more content…
Malcolm X was determined to change the minds of both races about what the church could be like. After visiting Mecca, Malcolm X, realized that it was possible to worship together and that the white church was not racist like he previously imagined. The Islamic faith as a whole means “peace” and “submission”. The religion puts a heavy emphasis on community and it is not an individualized religion. No matter the race, Malcolm X believed that this concept of community would work well for the African Americans more than the Protestant religion

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