Little Red Riding Hood Vs The Company Of Wolves

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While they share the same name, the film and story of The Company of Wolves only share similar base plots. The short story, written by Angela Carter, focuses on the dynamics between gender and complex emotions of desire and anger. The film on the other hand, strayed off the path that was set by the original story and went through several cuts and changes that was not what Carter had intended. The complexity of desire and anger are represented Carter’s story as very action driven. For the wolf, his desire is uncontrollable, it grows within him: “Once he’s had a taste of flesh then nothing else will do” (1). For Little Red Riding Hood, it isn’t really desire that drives her to sleep with the wolf, but necessity, for “she knew she was in danger of death” and “since fear did her no good, she ceased to be afraid.” (5). Neil Jordan created a twisted image using this. He…show more content…
Two accounts of rage in Jordan’s adaptation would be a fight scene at the fountain and the vengeful witch at the wedding party. Carter’s wolf becomes extremely enraged when he “saw she’s slept with another man” (2) and tears off her son’s leg before getting slain by the husband. The wolf is obviously highlighted as the bad man. Jordan on the other hand, shows a petty fight over Rosaleen who was left in the woods (but returned safely anyway) and a spurned witch who transformed all of the people, including the baby’s father, into wolves and forced them to sing for them. Both events which were caused by women and does not correctly represent the feminist ideals, such as “the victim is not to blame”, that Carter intended to convey with her short story. Rosaleen was seen as irresponsible for straying off the path, even though she was running from the boy who tried to kiss her again. The witch was portrayed as evil and vindictive even though it was the man who was in the wrong for leaving her when she was pregnant with his

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