Personal Narrative Essay: An Unexpected Friend

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An Unexpected Friend A few years ago, Andi was given an opportunity to continue her commitment of trying to help others wherever she went. A girl she knew from high school named Krispy was in a predicament. Andi felt privileged to be able to provide the assistance she needed. Andi had always been a person to “pay it forward”; her decision to do that not only affected a person she helped, but also herself later down the road. Krispy had to work out of town for the weekend and was unable to bring her two children with her. She also needed someone who would not charge her for babysitting. This presented Andi the opportunity to help someone, who could not repay the favor. Andi keeping the children stunned Krispy and she was extremely thankful.…show more content…
Krispy then looked at Andi and sternly told her to grab the things near the tailgate only. Andi quickly explained she was unable to accept all of the things Krispy had bought because Krispy had already done enough by loaning her money. Krispy insisted, since she knew the children had school coming up and noticed that Andi had lost a dramatic amount weight within the last few weeks. Krispy knew what it was like to do without so her children did not have to. Andi was shocked, comforted, and embarrassed that Krispy had bought everything her family needed. While holding back tears, Andi thanked her before heading home. Her emotions were bouncing from one extreme to another; they jumped from joyful, to humiliated, and everywhere in between, the entire way home. Thanks to Krispy, Andi not only had at least a month’s worth of food, but also all of the children’s required school supplies. She told her husband what Krispy had done when she arrived home. He was very grateful and humiliated at the same time. J.D. also had sensational news; his check was being reinstated along with the back pay. This allowed them to repay those who had helped them. Andi tried to repay Krispy, but she would not accept it. Until this ordeal began, Krispy had been more of an acquaintance, than a friend. Today, a couple of months later, they continue to be

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