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Disney conveyed many life lessons or themes in the movie Maleficent this movie teaches that curses are sometimes regrettable when you want to take a curse it back. According to the movie, Maleficent tried to take the curse back on Aurora because she likes her more than she did when she was mad at the king Maleficent wanted to take back the curse because she is treating Aurora like a person then a monster.This support the theme because Maleficent wanted to take the curse that she put on aurora back because she found out aurora's qualities and her personality of being a true nice and kind girl to others and to her family members. If aurora wasn't a nice and kind person Maleficent would never turn very nice or look out for aurora because Maleficent…show more content…
Example found in the movie in the theme as well when Maleficent took the boy to the castle she thought that the true love kiss would work and there would be no more curse but it didn't and she was confused why it didn't work and then she thought about what she had done and why did she do this because show that she would fight for Aurora and show her that Maleficent cares about Aurora that it might of bring peace to the king and Maleficent. This supports the theme because Maleficent loves Aurora just like she was her child that's why Maleficent is doing everything she can and everything in her power to help Aurora with her problems and complications in Aurora's life and future and what she can accomplish .Maleficent sees something in Aurora that other people don't so at least Maleficent is not as careless as the fairies because Maleficent show love and effects of

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