Gender Differences In Ender's Game

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Have you ever seen a young boy be taken away from his family at the age of 6? If so, was it for an overweight colonel in the International Fleet (IF) trying to train that young child to lead an entire army to the destruction of an alien race? If so, your last name is probably Wiggin. The Wiggin family comes from the science fiction novel Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card, where a young Ender Wiggin is taken by the IF to go to the battle school. There, he is trained and molded into what the head of the battle school, Colonel Graff, wants him to become; a capable leader to destroy an alien race called the buggers. As the story progresses, we follow Ender’s story as he goes from a little boy to the Commander of an entire army, whether he…show more content…
However, there are a few major similarities that can be highlighted. The first major one that is apparent is the beginning of Ender’s quest. After Ender fights the bully named Stilson, Colonel Graff has no doubt in his mind Ender was the one. Graff quickly goes to Ender’s house using the fight with Stilson as an excuse to have Ender come with him to the battle school. After Graff convinces Ender it was the right choice, he was on his way to his new life. This was very crucial to the story, as if Ender decides not to go, the story never happens and he is just a normal child who misses his true calling in life. A second similarity is when Mazer Rackham is assigned to be Ender’s mystic mentor. Ender wakes up to find the creepy old man in his room. The man won’t speak to him so Ender tries to outlast him, hoping this will allow him to “win” whatever Graff wants him to be challenged by. When Mazer finally attacks him, Ender gives up and lets him “win.” Mazer tells him that he is now his enemy, drastically shifting the story. This plays a key element in the novel and the movie leading to a final major similarity between both forms. This final similarity is the final battle to end the war against the buggers. Colonel Graff gathers up the top students to work with Ender as he commands them in battle. Mazer Rackham is assigned to be Ender’s mystic mentor where together he and Colonel Graff prepare Ender to beat the buggers. Ender is given battle “simulations” that he thinks are preparing him to command an army, but in truth he is actually fighting them the entire time. Ender gets extremely mad at his leaders for tricking him but ends up finding redemption for the buggers when he finds a pupa left by the queen. He realizes that the buggers were trying to work in harmony with the humans, but they could not communicate these thoughts. Ender becomes the speaker for

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