Archetypes In Captain America

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Without doubt, the summer blockbuster of 2011, Captain America: The First Avenger was one that got everyone pumped up about the superhero, not just comic book fanatics. The dashing Chris Evans stars as Steve Rogers, an all American do-gooder, with a heart made of gold. Over the course of the movie, watch as sickly and unpopular Steve Rogers is transformed into the magnificent super soldier adoringly called Captain America. Viewers around the world were transported back to the early 1940s, and watched as Steve Rogers and his loyal friends battled the evil Red Skull, and the organization Hydra, which had a fetish for world domination. The origin story of Captain America, undoubtedly, is action packed and unique in its own way. Although, the story does seem to follow a mythic cycle, and universal patterns found in numerous other works, literature, and film alike. Steve Rogers’ journey follows that of the Hero Archetype. He is actively involved in a quest, which was going against Hydra and the Red Skull. Also, he went through an initiation when he was transformed using the super-soldier serum. This…show more content…
First, there was the influential and wicked association, Hydra. The symbol that represents it depicts a circle with a skull in it, and six tentacles connected to the skull. It is often colored red and black which gives off the feeling of evil and sacrificial vibe. Furthermore, the tentacles give off a serpent like affect which could stand for destruction, and once again evil. Even more archetypes include “The Wise Old Man” who in this instance would be Dr. Abraham Erskine, and Peggy Carter. Peggy just so happens to fit a couple of archetypes such as “The Platonic or Perfect Woman” because she inspired Rogers’ throughout the film, and her and Rogers’ together fit the archetype of the “Star-crossed Lovers”. They confessed their love for each other and then Steve

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