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Macbeth Film Review Macbeth, directed by Roman Polanski, is his adaptation of the famed Shakespearean tragedy, Macbeth. The 1971 film Macbeth, directed by Roman Polanski, and produced by Andrew Braunsberg, is an exceptional recreation of the play. The major actors, Macbeth played by Jon Finch, Lady Macbeth played by Francesca Annis, and all of the other actors had extraordinary acting. Macbeth, undeniably a dark play, received additional nudity and violence through the murder of Polanski’s wife, occurring only a couple months before Polanski began working on the film. Besides the constant violence and nudity, Polanski’s version of Shakespeare’s play is a thrilling watch and complete success. Polanski stays true the original play, changing very little between the two plots. However, there are some changes between the two. Directorial decisions were made by Polanski to leave certain scenes out, or to slightly change the plot. Most notably, the ending of Polanski’s version is substantially different from the play. Many of…show more content…
The first being the casting of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as younger actors. Polanski portrays Lady Macbeth as a young beautiful lover, which contrasts to the plays understanding of Lady Macbeth as harsh and vicious. Lady Macbeth at the beginning of the movie is stunning, seen with a beautiful blue dress highlighted by the dull gray castle and sky, but grows duller as the movie progresses and her ambition takes over. The portrayal of Ross is the most considerable character portrayal difference. The character of Ross, played by John Stride, is developed and included in parts of the movie far beyond that of the play. Ross in the movie is developed as opportunistic, giving his allegiance to the person with the most power. Ross in the play is a relatively insignificant character, but has been changed by Polanski in the

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