Madres De Mayo

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“Las Madres de Plaza de Mayo” is a documentary created by Susana Muñoz and Lourdes Portillo that analyzes the reasons towards why thousands of mothers and grandmothers protest in the square of the city of Argentina. During the first minutes of the introduction, I was appalled to see thousands of women chanting in unison demanding the return of their kidnapped children. These protests had occurred for around two years in the same square due to the Argentinian government not wanting to give information about the kidnapped individuals during the reign of Juan D. Peron. The individuals that were not kidnapped would be sent off to Uruguay but they did not know that the Uruguayan military had an agreement with the Argentinian military, so they would also get captured. The reason for these…show more content…
The mentality towards this kidnapping was that if the leader was taken out of the equation, the whole group would crumble but they were wrong. Instead the group was infuriated and the government underestimated the will, love and power that all the mothers and grandmothers had. Later on, some military officials and police officers came to the public and told the public about the atrocious acts that they did “under the name of the law.” They admitted to having kidnapped individuals that represented a threat to the stability of the government. What they would do to the victims was to throw them to concentration camps and later on have them killed either by injecting them with a drug an throwing them in the ocean, or by chopping the bodies up and burning them in an oven. Finally by August 1985, the families of the kidnapped victims obtained a source of justice when the main leaders of the Junta were tried in a civilian court and the minimum incarceration would be from ten years to a life

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