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The movie Anonymous, directed by Roland Emmerich and written by John Orloff, is being adapted into a play. Due to all the drama and seriousness of the storyline, I chose not to make it a musical. Anonymous is a play revolving around the deception of the most well known playwright of our time, Shakespeare. The dramatic irony of the play lies in the fact that it is a play revolving around Shakespeare and a conspiracy theory that states that he never actually wrote any of his literary pieces but actually claimed another’s masterpieces as his own, this other person being Edward de Vere the 17th Earl of Oxford. I found this movie very compelling as Shakespeare is the most celebrated playwright, credited for some of the best plays written, therefore a theory stating he never actually wrote any of those plays seemed very interesting.…show more content…
Changing the medium of this story from its original text, and still doing it justice was a task. The original film showed a beautiful depiction of Elizabethan London and a replica of the iconic Rose Theatre, which was also known as the Globe Theatre. Overall, it has amazing visual effects. The movie was able to capture the grandiosity of this historical theatre perfectly. The rhetorical situation of the original text includes large audiences, showed Edward de Vere as the original author of the texts, instead of Shakespeare. The story states that the queen instructed that no one would ever know that Vere wrote the texts, is why we are under the impression that they were written by Shakespeare. The movie also depicts the toils and turmoil revolving the succession of Queen Elizabeth. The movie also points out the real reasons behind why some of the plays were written. For example, the play Richard III is an attack against Robert Cecil, to weaken his position at court. It also states that Venus and Adonis was written to remind the Queen of their old

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