Analysis: American Dream Is Elusive For New Generation

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Epistemically humans are trying to find ,if American dream is still alive but ,ontologically humans are not able to figure it out because American dream only knows if it still exists or not. Some people may believe that American Dream have become so precise that not every person has ability or has chance to achieve it and so American dream , elusively is currently considered achievable in united states. American dream has started to collapse because this world has become so competitive in terms of education and bearing abandoned.In article 1 “American Dream Is Elusive for New Generation” by Louis Uchitelle tells that it is hard for new generation to achieve american dream”The unemployment rate for college-educated young adults, 5.5 percent, is nearly double what it was on the eve of the Great Recession, in 2007, and the highest level — by almost two percentage points — since the bureau started to keep records in 1994 for those with at least four years of college. ” This sentence proves that American dream is epistemic achievable by changing some laws or by making some new jobs in the economy.…show more content…
In article 3 “For immigrant Women,American dream is still alive” by Fiona Citkin claims that, in united states immigrant women has more opportunity to achieve american dream”Bottom line: Although not all countries are equally immigrant-friendly -- or women-friendly for that matter -- and the U.S. is not on top of the game in this respect, America is still extremely desirable for free-minded, creativity-minded, hard-work-minded immigrant women who pursue big dreams. For those sharp women, the American Dream is alive and well.” This example means that united states have real respect for women's right because in some other countries people don’t respect the decision made by women's and therefore those countries are still

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