Machiavelli's Influence On Politics

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Machiavelli has a lot of advice for the politicians in our time. There are some things that the politicians can do now but in a bit of a different way. Machiavelli explained the aspects a prince should follow and ideas or advice that politicians should follow today. One part of the advice is that the prince should always be ready for war even in the time of peace he should be getting ready for the next war. This connects to the President in a way because he is the “Commander and Chief”; stating that the President should be getting his army ready for war because there is always a war that is going to happen. “First, one learns to know one’s own country and can better understand how to defend it; second, the knowledge and experience of…show more content…
Which Machiavelli explains that you should avoid being hated Machiavelli says that it is better to be miserly rather than generous because although the people aren’t fond of a miser the leader will be able to defend himself in war because his income in sufficient and if a leader is generous he will not have the funds for war and it would cause many other problems. A leader should be feared rather than loved. This leads to another point that Machiavelli states is that prince should be feared rather than loved; it connects to a politician because if someone is loved then people are going to take advantage of you and if you’re feared then people will do what you want them to. “ There fore, a prince must not worry about the reproach of cruelty when it is a matter of keeping his subjects united and loyal”(Machiavelli 227). The people will remain loyal to you as a leader if you do what is necessary and you must be cruel; however, you must not go beyond what is necessary for this will make you hated and that is what you should avoid. Machiavelli says you should not keep your promises because every person lies anyways and nobody keeps their promises. You should just satisfy the common people and keep them contented to avoid negativity and being hated but abstain your role of being

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