Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince

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The Prince, Written by Niccolo Machiavelli, was a hand book for the princes that lived during the Renaissance period. This book revealed Renaissance values and became very controversial with the church who felt it was overstepping its boundaries and with the ruling class who felt insulted by the book. Its identity as a Renaissance work is that it was written by Machiavelli a man of high influence during the Renaissance era who worked in government circles in order to achieve an understanding of how the best laws would affect a city or country. Historical records show that he observed his patrons and by his observation claimed to have figured out the best way to run and rule states. That is why he wrote The Prince, not only to show the rich families how a state should be run but also to achieve a position in the Medici family and in trying to secure a position with this family this led to much controversy about The Prince.…show more content…
Machiavelli’s idea was that the model prince should use a variety of tactics to secure his power, meaning that the end justifies the means. This became the most controversial issue raised in The Prince. Knowing that this idea may not be accepted, Machiavelli tries to justify it in his book by showing that men are naturally evil (Machiavelli). Religion can serve to unify a prince and his people but can also serve as his undoing. With this in mind, Machiavelli says that politics and religion should not be mixed together; they should remain in separate circles. He felt that religion belonged to God and politics belonged to men (Machiavelli). Many were applauding this but others attacked Machiavelli and said that they compromised moral
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