Jomini Vs Machiavelli

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Both Niccolo Machiavelli and Antoine Jomini published works that still influence the art and science of warfare; Machiavelli The Prince and The Art of War, Jomini Summary of the Art of War. However, Machiavelli’s writings have more influence at the strategic level, while Jomini’s writings have more influence at the operational and tactical level. As a result, Machiavelli is more influential because his ideals impact the political ends that drive military operations, most of which use Jomini’s teachings in execution. Machiavelli wrote his Socratic dialogue works from approximately 1501 to 1521 based on his interactions with Caesar Borgia as Italy experienced high economic growth and constant city-state conflicts. As a result, Machiavelli developed two key concepts. The first…show more content…
With city-state conflicts as a ceiling, much of Machiavelli’s advice is better suited for the strategic level. Even though city-states are no longer prevalent in today’s world, the advice he outlines still applies within the nation-state system. Realpolitik is a viable system of political dialogue which need larger use in today’s foreign policy discussions. Although Machiavelli touches on the operational level in The Art of War, his guidance tend to be prescriptive, leaning towards the science rather than art, and assumes a rational element to military affairs. As a function of his historical context, Machiavelli's Art of War is rooted to Roman Army ideals. Although lens certainly highlights the importance of discipline and organization, it does little to address wars on the nation-state level in an ever-changing technological framework. Coupled with the previously mentioned pressure Machiavelli felt to watch his words, Machiavelli mistakenly downplays the revolution in military affairs firearms and artillery would have as neither noble centric politics nor Roman Army tactics would survive that

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