Recognise Signs Of Abuse Essay

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1. Know how to recognise signs of abuse 1.1 Define the following types of abuse Physical Abuse is treating an individual with cruelty or violence which involved the use of force with the intention of causing a feeling of physical pain, injury, physical suffering or bodily harm. This could be by: hitting, pinching, punching, slapping and kicking. This may include: Restraint like tying people to bed or furniture Burning or scalding Refusal to access toilet facilities Leaving individual with incontinence clothing Excessive or inappropriate use of medication Causing pain to gain attention fabricated and induced illness (FII) and Deliberate starvation or force feeding Sexual Abuse can be defined as any action that pressures or…show more content…
This can be as a result of brain injury, dementia or mental illness, and lack of motivation Self- neglect manifest in various ways this includes: Failure to maintain a clean living environment Unwillingness to see or visit people Unwillingness to accept support with daily living Neglect by others can be defined as a form of passives abuse where someone responsible to provide care for a victim who is unable to care for himself fails in providing adequate care. This can be as a result of lack of supervision, nourishment, medical care or failure to provide a need that cannot be done by the individual. Neglect to others can arise because people providing care do not realise its importance, are not bothered or decide not to provide the necessary care. This can made the individual ill, injured, hungry, cold and deprived of their

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