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Grover Cleveland Hannah Compton Citizens Christian Academy Grover Cleveland Stephen Grover Cleveland was on born on March 18th, 1837 in Caldwell, New Jersey to Richard and Ann Cleveland. Cleveland was fifth out of nine siblings. Cleveland’s family was very well respected in the community, his father was a Presbyterian minister and his mother stayed at home and cared for all the children. His family had little money but they still lived comfortably (Gaines, 2009). In 1841, Cleveland’s family moved from Caldwell, New Jersey to Fayetteville, New York. In Fayetteville, Cleveland had begun his education. He attended a one - room school house, at age 11, and Cleveland was enrolled into a private academy with pre- college curriculum…show more content…
Cleveland attended Clinton Academy for a short time until his family’s financial problems got bad again (Collins, 1988). At age 15, Cleveland returned to Fayetteville in 1852 to work in the local general store (Collins). While Cleveland lived in Fayetteville his family moved to Holland Patent, New York; Cleveland wanted to take the money he made at the general store to attend college at Hamilton in Clinton, New York (Collins). In 1853, his father died suddenly while giving a sermon on Sunday morning in Holland Patent (Gaines). After Cleveland’s father died his dreams of going to college were no more (Gaines). At age 16, Cleveland returned home to help his mother care for his younger siblings; He then traveled to New York to find work to care for his family (Gaines). Cleveland received a job working alongside his brother at the New…show more content…
Cleveland did not win that election, he then went and worked at a private firm. In 1871, Cleveland ran for office once more and won, he was then appointed as Eerie County’s sheriff. Cleveland’s job as sheriff was a big task, he investigated crimes, arrested citizens who were breaking the law, and maintained the county jail

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