Binx Bolling Character Analysis

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The Moviegoer teaches the readers that people lack emotional honesty. Kate Cutrer addressed it first in the novel by saying “Have you noticed that only in time of illness or disaster or death are people real? I remember at the time of the wreck—people were so kind and helpful and solid (Percy 43)." People make it a habit to mask or manipulate their feelings to creat an ideal situation. This can be good in that the person is achieving a goal, like getting a promotion at work or asking someone out on a date. A person would just say the things that the hearer wants to hear, instead of saying how they really feel. Binx is a victim of this particular phenomenon, using his affairs and materiel goods to block him from his emotions. The problem is also seen in Kate. John "Binx" Bolling is a man who is just going through the motions. He is a man who did the bare minimum of what was expected of him, nothing more and nothing less. Her strived for predictability, nothing deviating from the norm. He went to school, got a good job, and served in the military. But in all those instances of his life he shied away from honesty. For example, when Binx attended Tulane he wanted to please his frat brother Walter, he pretended to have a dry and snarky sense of humor. On the other hand, Binx expresses very raw emotions when…show more content…
It is actually quite common for person to deny themselves of being honest with their feelings and creating a life that is built on white lies. This creates an inauthentic life that could make a person not feel truly loved or liked. It makes every interaction seem so dull and pointless to such a great extent, that the people who being interacted with look and feel "dead." All in all, an important factor in a good relationship is having a deep emotional connection that can only be found if people are willing to be honest with themselves and to each

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