The Benefits Of Esports In The Olympic Games

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Every four years, families worldwide tune in to the most prestigious sports event, the Olympic Games; where only the world's finest athletes are eligible to participate and the competition is at an all time high. The Olympics offer a wide variety of sports: from ruthless and aggressive sports like basketball and wrestling, to mostly passive sports like archery and rifle shooting; on the other hand, a lot of people complain about the fact that there are sports missing in this world renowned tournament. Some wish that squash, cricket, and softball be included in the Olympic Games; however, the new system for the inclusion of sports incorporated within the Olympics 2020 has opened the doors to the possibility of the embodiment of the sport that is truly being left out and would make a great addition to the Olympics which is video gaming, better known as eSports or electronic sports. Olympic sports will be…show more content…
eSports like traditional sports can be played as an individual or in teams following a unique set of rules and require the same amount of training and dedication as any other athlete because pro gamers have to observe their opponents movements and build a strategy to defend themselves. They also have similar physical fatigue since playing basketball for long periods of time is physically draining as well as playing 6 intense hours of playing video games. As we can see eSports are the exact same thing, but in a digital platform; the only difference is the amount of physical movement that is required, but physical exertion does not have to refer to the use of your body as a whole, maybe challenging your reflexes by maneuvering your thumbs in a rapid and precise motion counts. Shooting is more mental than physical, yet video gaming requires way more mental finesse and a vast amount of concentration to

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