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The purpose of this literature review is to make the analysis and in depth research about how the visual loss can impact on diet. The discussion in the literature review will be based on the how the diet and the life style of the blind person or the person who is going through the visual loss impact on their daily diet. The visual loss can occur in any phase of the personal life due to the many reasons. The study will be based on how does the visual loss impact the person diet and eating habits, what are the causes of the visual loss, the vitamin deficiencies that affect the visual loss, the quality of the personal life is disturbed and the dependencies problem with such people. All of these problems will be dialogued in this literature review.…show more content…
A diet which is based on the ingredients which are not good for the human health can affect the metabolism of the person and also can lead this to the severe diseases. Therefore there are some significant diets which are very important for the person to consume it for their good vision (Wall, Keltner & Kupersmith, 2014). This diet includes: the whole grain or whole meal food, the food which has the high amount of fibre in them can help to boost the metabolism and keep it healthy. Organic fruits and vegetable which are high in keratin and minerals, High protein diet in daily meal. Including the fish, eggs, milk, lean meat, deity pulses, such as beans nuts and seeds which help the metabolism and provide the body with the natural enzymes and omega acids which help the vision to improve and keep the metabolism in sound condition (Shapiro & Lockman, 2000). The major food source in the individual life is glucose and the impact of surplus glucose in the human body can also affect the vision. The vision loss can also occur in the individual by the high amount of blood sugar therefore, the person needs to manage the amount of blood sugar in their diet if they amount exceed then the person can face different and severe issue like vision loss, sudden weight loss and many other issues which can make the person weak. Therefore the proper diet is very important for the [person to manage for their…show more content…
These mutations and inflammation may lead to clogged arteries of heart as well as in the retina which can eventually lead to loss of the vision (Kolarik & Raman, 2017). The second most consumed food on the global level is fried food and is the man-made oils which affecting the biological system on the these food are processed the main ingredient of this include the canola oil which is the most genetically refined oil (Stenius & Mustajoki, 2000). And not only this food lead to clogged arteries but those clogged at5eries lead to high blood pressure in the body which affects the retina of the person eventually loss of vision. The main cause of the loss of the vision and diet is inter linked either the diet makes the personal vision loss or the effect of such food affect the vision of the person. And such patients cannot also take care of themselves so therefore, they need the special attention from their families and healthy food plan because the main problem occurs in loss of vision when a patient attempt to do rather productive or objective but failed to achieve it due to weak vision (Musch & Gillespie,

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