Candy Addiction Research Paper

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Sweet, Sugary Addiction Can people be addicted to sugar? People are constantly consuming sugar every day because it is almost everywhere in everything. Coffee, soda, candy, cake, and other sweets are all beloved treats enjoyed by the masses. Without sugar, life would not be so sweet, literally. Since everyone eats these mouthwatering goodies, it seems harmless, right? However, that is not the case. There are many downsides to sugar, especially when eaten regularly in high quantities. Furthermore, sugar has many qualities that points to it being an addictive substance. Sugar is an addictive substance because it alters the body chemistry, causes dependency which can be harmful in the long run, and can cause withdrawals when it is removed. Sugar shows signs of addiction by altering the body chemistry itself. When people eat sugar, it makes them feel good, therefore, they enjoy the sweet treat. Although, what is really happening is that the body is releasing certain chemicals when people eat sugar that makes them feel good. Each time people eat sugar this release of chemicals is happening. According to a study produced by Nicole M. Avena, Pedro Rada, and Bartley G. Hoebel (2008), they tested animals by feeding them sugar water routinely to observe how their brains reacted to it and found that each time they drank the sugar…show more content…
There are many health problems that come with consuming sugar on a regular basis. As portrayed by Anne L. Mardis (2001), there are six health problems such as physiology, diabetes, hyperactivity, heart disease, obesity, dental caries, and nutrient displacement. Many of these health problems, or at least one, can be seen in every single person in society today. Although it can be difficult because sugar is all around and is in almost every food, numerous of these health problems can be stopped if people regulate their sugar

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