Lysistrata A Low Comedy Essay

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Comedy is differentiated based on the time period it was written on and how one interprets it as well. In Lysistrata, written by Aristophanes, Aristophanes explores the issue of the Peloponnesian War by writing the story in the form of comedy to get his anti-war message across. He also criticizes society and tries to improve it. Aristophanes uses high comedy to show many different topics about war, social class barriers and peace between the Athenians and the Spartans. He also uses low comedy in his work to keep the men in Athens entertained by stereotyping women from both Athena and Sparta, and also by using sex jokes throughout the play. In the play, Aristophanes used a lot of sex joke as a comedy element known as low comedy, but what exactly is low comedy? Low comedy is known physical or those jokes that does not require prior knowledge of the topic to be funny. A perfect example of low comedy would be the movie “Jackass”, where physical damage and all the nonsense going on are key elements of low comedy. Farce is a subset of low comedy and it is described as rapid fire one after another jokes that are intended to cause the most laughter in a short amount of time. Farce also does so much more such as switches identities of characters,…show more content…
Lysistrata takes on a position in a debate that necessarily is not allowed for women, but because of the given circumstances the men will try anything to get back with their women. During the serious outbreak of the negotiation Aristophanes slowly allow the comedy to sneak in the “poison pill” and take its effects. Aristophanes message is finally settling in and is making the audience realize potential problem they might run into. One is that the 3 Greek states will be vulnerable. Two Sparta owes Athens and three the Athenians owe Sparta. Aristophanes is using Lysistrata as his voice to express his concern with the

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