Lunch On A Skyscraper

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In the time of the great depression people would do anything for a job, even walk along a beam hundreds of feet above New York City. The photo Lunch atop a Skyscraper was taken on September 20, 1932 on the 69th floor of the RCA building, showing 11 men sitting on beam eating lunch and chatting without any safety gear. This photo as of 2003 was taken by Charles C. Ebbets and was posted in the newspaper on October 2nd by The New York Herald Tribune. This picture was taken to inform people. This picture in current time would be to inform people about the cruelty about the lack of safety for these immigrants. But in 1932 the photo was believed to be a hidden advertisements for Rockefeller Center’s new building. Since this picture was in a newspaper it also could have been to entertain people with a great news story and show them how much they were progressing as a society.…show more content…
The picture is taken from a high angle, making the immigrants look small and less powerful, which was true in that time period. The long shot shows the background of New York, it also shows how the immigrants feet are hanging off the edge of a steel beam. The black and white picture gives a classic and carefree vibe to the picture. The lighting is just as bright as a usual sunny day and had no effect really on the emotional effect of this picture. The camera is at a little bit of a side angle, making the people farther left look smaller and not as powerful. The focus point of this picture is clearly on the immigrants. This picture may just look like a group of guys sitting and eating lunch, but it really is showing how much people would do for a job. This photograph shows how many immigrants that had moved to America were taking advantage of, because these people were most likely getting paid very little money. This picture is a reminder that America has to go through is worst to reach its

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