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Truman Show and Allegory of the Cave Even though The Allegory of the Cave is a document that exists from centuries ago, it is still useful to us in our modern world. Essentially these documents/movie are used to portray While it may be difficult to understand the concept by the way it is explained, it can be interpreted in a modern example in the Truman show. Knowing the following information we can ask ourselves, Can Truman be considered a modern take on the prisoner who is able to be released of his chain and escape the cave? The Truman show and “The Allegory of the Cave” is an example of what human’s sees is the only truth they know. In allegory of the cave, Plato inquires the reader to imagine humans chained in a cave all their life…show more content…
The town is enclosed in a giant show set with replication of the world. Truman alone has no idea that he is being filmed. But into this fake place there predictably appears a turn. After the crew makes mistakes that cause the illusion to break down, Truman figures out that his surroundings by full of staged scenes and events. He then tries to break free, only to come up against both his own fears, which keep him from leaving but ends up escaping. The prisoners and Truman were completely in the dark without knowing the truth of what was happening outside of where they were. The prisoners only see what is in facing them but doesn’t concern of what is outside of the cave. When one of the prisoner saw beyond the cave, the other prisoners became disclosed to his thoughts because they were frighten of what the reality actually is. Truman lived all his life not realizing beyond of what he saw but when he comes up to evading and leaving the set he rethinks and worries of what is going to be outside the set. While Truman discovers that he wanted to be set free, the prisoners become narrow minded and informs the freed prisoner not to know more than he suppose

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