Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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enough to not go though with it, even if its just from old habits. When his civilization is worn away by the island and those habits go away it’s horrible. (The beast)” “What I mean is… maybe it’s only us.”” (Golding 89) Explanation: This is when we learn what the beast really is, the evil in man. Simon ends up being the only won to realize it, and it sadly costs him his life. The beast was the boys the whole time, and if they listened the Simon in the first place maybe no one would have to die and it wouldn’t go down hill. (Civilized vs Savage) “”What are we? Humans? Or animals? Or savages? What’s grownups going to think Going off- hunting pigs- letting fires out- and now!””(Golding 91) Explanation: Piggy basically explains how the boys are losing track of whats important in the excitement of hunting and just letting them know how dumb their being as they forget their main objective (since it’s Piggy no ones going to listen, though). They’re losing grip on the rules and ideals, which is all they have left to hold onto.…show more content…
There was a speck above the island, a figure dropping swiftly beneath a parachute, a figure that hung with dangling limbs.” (Golding 95) Explanation: This is after the previous chapter where Simon, Ralph and Piggy are reminiscing about their homes and old lives. They keep saying how this would be so much easier if the adults were around and that adults don’t fight. That night a dead parachutist falls onto the island from a bombed plane. Its from the war, and it shows the adults aren’t really as mature and peace full as the boys think, they’re just as close to savagery in their wars and
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