Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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“ If faces were different when lit from above or below, what was a face? What was anything?”, pg. 78 This quotation is saying that if people are seen from different perspectives, the side of him one perceives from a certain angle is differently from that of another perspective.People are always two sided. We choose the side that we would like other people to perceive us as and hide away the other side. However, we are not always able to control what we are. If a certain quality within us is more prevalent than the others, even if we wish to hide it away, it will leave signs no matter we like it or not.I believe that Ralph questions people’s identity because he is starting to see the changes that are occurring to the boys’ actions. From collaborative to selfish, and eventually civilized to barbaric, the boys are unconsciously exposing their true nature, evil. This quotation is also foreshadowing what will happen later on in the story; because as the story goes…show more content…
While confronting the appalling aspect of nature, Piggy and Ralph cannot do anything but to see for security, which is quite obviously shown in Jack’s small feast. On the other hand, due to this behavior, Piggy and Ralph become renegades who break the faith of their long-held beliefs. Indeed, Jack’s group is barbaric, undiplomatic, and nearly dangerous to the two boys, but the number of people radiated a sense of temporary security.This quote not only proves that humans have an innate drive toward companionship, but also foreshadows that Jack has gradually gained dominating power within the minimized society on the island. While facing the conflict of choosing either the inundating nature or the “opposition party”, Piggy and Ralph ultimately pioneer their ways to the more approachable human
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