Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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“Which is better,law and rescue, or hunting and breaking things up?” (Golding 180). To me this would be a easy question but it is really not because in Lord of the Flies, a group of boy find their self crash landing in the middle of the ocean somewhere and they are on a island. Then in up making a society to hold their self together but they don’t because of a group boy called the hunters which were lead by a boy named Jack who became crazy for killing. Although this is a fiction book Lord of the Flies still shows how we need a society to live. In fact there are three ways that it fell apart is when Jack left with the hunters, when Jack let the fire go out for hunting and when they lost the little boy with the scar on his face. Body Para 1: The first instance showing their society falling apart is when Jack let the fire go out. He was supposed to be on fire watch but he ended up leaving to go find meat. “I’m not going to play any longer. Not with you.” (Golding 127). What this quote is saying is how that Jack was so focused on getting meat for the group he started to go his own was with life and he started to take other people with him. A society can’t succeed when people aren’t working…show more content…
( What happened in this seen is that the boys went to the mountain top to cover more ground and to see what was all around then they had stayed the night up there and they didn’t have fire so they found out that they could use Piggy’s glasses to make fire and they ended up starting a forest fire. ) “And there was that other kid what had a mark on his face. Who’s seen him since we first come here?” (Golding 171). What this quote is saying is how that everyone kinda forgot about the little boy and that they didn’t even remember him after he was missing until now. This is bad for their society because ( ). (
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