Examples Of Mistakes In Antigone

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In ancient Greek times, many of its people would claim everything that happened was because of the gods. If a man made a mistake, but chose his pride over fixing the problem then the gods, according to the people, would punish them for their crime(s). In Sophocles’ play, Antigone, the assertion that pride is considered the only crime against creating mistakes and refusing to repair the damage is valid. Since the very beginning of the play characters have made mistakes and attempted to repair their sins. In scene two after Antigone has confessed to burying her brother, Ismene realized she wanted to fix the error she created and as a result, “No, Ismene. You have no right to say so. You would not help me, and I will not have you help me. But now I know what you meant; and I am here to join you, to take my share of punishment (Sophocles 1086).”…show more content…
Ismene allowed her pride in man’s law to not bury her brother and she heard that her sister was arrested the fact that, Ismene herself made the wrong decision began to set in. Though she was smart enough to fix her blunder, Antigone did not want her sister involved in the punishment. Had Ismene not allow her pride of man’s law get in the way then she may have been involved in burying her brother and suffering the consequences. In scene three Haemon and his father, Creon, had a discussion over whether or not to save Antigone from punishment, “Then she must die. But her death will cause another. Another? Have you lost your senses? Is this an open threat? There is no open threat in speaking to emptiness. I swear you’ll regret this superior tone of yours!
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