Lord Of The Flies Piggy Character Analysis

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Piggy was never listened to about his ideas on how to be civilized or how to help in any way he can on the island but the Author William Golding used him for other purposes. Piggy was a sign for intelligence and for order in the boy’s camp instead of turning into savergy. Piggy also was not a very survivalist but he had the ideas of helping to be one during his time on the island with the boys but is a more of a follower instead of a leader at times on the island. They abuse him because he is a bigger boy than the rest of the them and Golding probably wanted this to happen in the book to symbolize something. Golding also uses Piggy’s death to symbolize the loss of all hope for civilization of the boys on the island until they are rescued. Piggy during this book helps advance some of the themes but no one ever listened to him or his ideas during his time on the island. Piggy was a sign for intelligence but also he was a sign for civilization on the island. During the book Piggy was giving some great ideas that were very smart but no one listened to Piggy because most of the boys did not like Piggy. His glasses symbolized intelligence for him while he was trying to help create civilization on the island with Ralph without any adult help from the outside world.…show more content…
Piggy’s glasses showed signs for intelligence and order but none of the boys or even Ralph would listen to Piggy or any of the ideas that he might have had. Piggy tried to be a leader but couldn’t because no one could take him seriously so by the end he was more of a follower than a leader. Piggy’s death a lost cause for all or any civilization after he had killed Simon the boys who tried to create it failed at doing it after Piggy died because then they were targeted. Piggy helped so many things in the book leading up to some of the main points and themes that were in the book that he helped
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