The Great Gatsby Thesis

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Thesis: How the appearances of Gatsby, in the film the Great Gatsby, exposes the reality of the American Dream between the new money and the old money after the end of World War I. The obvious theme of the film is about the failed relationship between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan. However the major theme of the film is the exposure of both classes, these being the newly rich and the established rich. They have both succeeded in acquiring everyone’s aspiration of the American Dream. Introduction My presentation today explores various elements within The Great Gatsby that led to the exposure of the reality of the American Dream. Due to time constraints I have chosen to highlight this reality through the symbolism of the clothing of the main…show more content…
In contrast, Tom in the film is seen to be wearing the correct conservative colours such as greys, blues and blacks. The pink suit shows the over indulgence of Gatsby and how he has tried so hard to enter a society that would never accept him because he lacked the understanding of the culture, manners and pedigree that are required to truly be accepted. Someone of that society would never have worn this outfit, regardless of its worth. This is evident through Tom’s constant discrimination towards the suit, making comments such as “he wears a pink suit for Christ’s sake!” Relating back to the American Dream, one of the reasons this dream changed was because the new comers were uneducated into the etiquette required of them once they had their money, in order for them to transition to “old money” status. The old money was aware of the crassness of the new money and would not open its doors readily to accept the flashy…show more content…
You had acquired the wealth to be able to rekindle the love of Daisy from 5 years earlier. You were hopeful that you had everything now to provide for the great prize of your wealth, Daisy’s love. This is played out during the ‘lunch scene’ at the Buchanan’s house. This was the big moment when you expected Daisy to stand beside you and declare her love for you to her husband Tom. Through close-ups of your face, Luhrmann shows the intensity of your emotion and the opportunities that you gave her to admit her love. The camera then pans out so we can see the emotions and realizations of the other characters who are anticipating the

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