The Relationship Between Tom And Daisy In The Great Gatsby

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Everyone makes friends differently, everyone looks for different kinds of friends, and everyone feels the need to have friends. The characterization and the interaction of the characters is very dynamic, and is all seen through the main character Nick Carraway. Nick and Gatsby build a very powerful relationship based on companionship and love. The basis for the relationships of the characters in the Great Gatsby are a symbolism for the idea of self-worth and love. The way the relationship between Tom and Daisy is another example of how Fitzgerald will use characterization to show how the foundation of the relationships affect the relationship. The development of the characters and the changes in the their relationship it creates, bringing…show more content…
Gatsby develops his relationship with Daisy from events in the past. However, Daisy lives in the present and she changes in the book to eventually side with Tom over Gatsby because the foundation for Daisy and Tom’s marriage is more solid than the foundation for the relationship between the two is more solid and not based on shallow,materialistic values. To understand the relationship between Tom and Daisy we need to know the two characters. Nick is visiting Daisy, whom is a distant relative of Nick, and Nick has not seen Daisy in quite a long time. Daisy introduces Nick to Tom. Nick describes Tom as having “two shining arrogant eyes” and it “gave him the appearance of always leaning aggressively forward”; furthermore Nick feels that Tom had a “body capable of enormous leverage - a cruel body.” (7). Tom is a man of power and dominance. A strong, big man who married Daisy, his actions reflect his build too. A man of his type would also have a lot of money, and his personality would come out in what he owns, and what he does with his money. Tom and Daisy own a couple of horses, and horses are animals of power, reflecting Tom’s personality. At a party a woman was insulting Tom and Daisy’s relationship, as a result he “broke her nose with his open hand”…show more content…
The relationship between Nick and Jordan develops throughout the entire novel, and is one of the most shallow relationships in the entire book. It is the most shallow relationship because their relationship is centered around how they want to appear to each other. Jordan values seeming as successful as she can, and Nick values honesty. Nick meets Jordan when he visited Daisy. His initial impression was influenced by how Jordan carried herself. Nick sees “she had first learned to walk up on golf courses” (50). Golfing is something people who are higher in social status in the 1920s do. It would comparable to joining a yacht club and doing boat races in modern times. We can see how Jordan manipulates Nick’s first impression of her by showing Nick that she is someone of high class and of importance. If Nick was to base his relationship of what he thinks of Jordan he would be in an unhealthy relationship full of lies. Not surprisingly Nick observes Jordan’s manipulation of how she appears through her past. Nick knows that she avoided smarter people because the smarter people would see through her constructed public figure (57-58).Due to Jordan’s lies, Nick remarks “I am one of the few honest people I know” (59). Now Nick is affirming what he values in his relationships, and he values honesty. Throughout the book Nick begins to question what he knows of Jordan, and he finds out she cheats when

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