What Is Truman's Decision To Drop The Atomic Bomb Persuasive Essay

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At the end of WW II in the summer 1945, most American’s saw an ultimate reason for President Harry Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan. They were confident that the application of atomic bombings would end up the war faster. At that, they forgot about horrific consequences of more than thousands of innocent deaths. The counter argument in this context was that Japan made the attack on the United States. After the horrible event, Americans questioned themselves whether Truman really saved lives by killing the enemies. Truman wanted to save lives and end the war as he anticipated further land invasion by the US enemies . The opponents of Truman’s decision, especially those who lived at times of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, hold that the drop of atomic bombs on Japan…show more content…
In fact, Truman consciously wanted to bombard Japan to downsize the Soviet Union and that way demonstrate the US leadership in the post-war era. Under the impact of warfare propaganda, Truman failed to unfold the truth before the American people. Instead, he speculated the story by fabricating it with the story about saving the lives of American soldiers and forcing Japan to surrender. Actually, Truman decided so because he felt danger and wanted to survive at any cost . Truman’s decision has left not only one of the most dramatic marks in the modern world history. It also alludes to modern day reality. Putin, the Russian President, applies the same tactics and motivations to make the West surrender and win over the territories that became independent after the collapse of the Soviet Union. He threatens the world with the atomic weaponry available in the Russian Federation and that way continues his invasion of the Ukrainian territories. As well as Japan in 1945, Ukraine is today’s victim of the political ambitions of Russia and the

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