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The Battle of San Jacinto is the last battle of the Texas Revolution. The Texas Revolution had already completed the Battle of Gonzales, Battle of Goliad, Battle of Concepcion, Battle of Lipantitlan, Grass Fight, Battle of San Patricio, Battle of the Alamo, Battle of Agua Dulce, Battle f Refugio, and Battle of Coleto. The start of the Battle of San Jacinto began on April 11, 1836, with citizens of Cincinnati gave Texas the “Twin Sisters”. On April 12, 1836, General Sam Houston, made the decision to move troops to the east side of the Brazos river. To get there they used the Yellow Stone, a steamboat to carry their goods, horses, baggage, cattle and army. On April 16, 1836, the army marched to Samuel McCurley house in the past Spring…show more content…
The also believed that they had won the battle because they were one step ahead of he Texan Army, so they relaxed. When Erastus (Deaf) Smith burnt down Vince’s bridge it prevented both sides the Mexican and Texan side from getting to one another. Although, there was ditch where the Texan Army could cross to get to the Mexican Army. Erastus (Deaf) Smith notified General Sam Houston that Vince’s bridge had been burnt down. The Texan Army had a strategic plan, which help them ambush the Mexican Army. As an escape plan the Mexican Army tried to cross Vince’s Bridge, but soon found out that the bridge had burned down. They also tried to have their horses to jump over the bank, they ended up falling into the bank and drowned. While all of the Mexican Army was dying beside Santa Anna, General Sam Houston saw that his men had successfully executed his plan. While riding on his horse he went to the land of victory. At the same time his riffle ball hit his ankle causing him to faint his chief of staff’s arms, Major Hockley. According to The Battle of San Jacinto and the San Jacinto Campaign, “who had surrendered formally with about 400 men… according to Houston's official report, numbered 630 Mexicans killed, 208 wounded, and 730 taken prisoner.” (The Battle of San Jacinto). This does not include Santa

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