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The Loch Ness Monster, also known as Nessie, is one of the best-known unsolved mysteries in the world. For centuries she has captivated the hearts and imaginations of people worldwide, and sparked many expeditions to prove her existence. She is disputably the most famous cryptid in history. The monster was first seen in the River Ness in the year 565 AD by St. Columbia. It was said to have attacked villagers, but has not caused harm to anyone since then (Nessieland). However, Nessie sightings as people now know them did not begin until the 1930s. In 1933, a couple by the name of Mackay reported a sighting of the monster (Ultimate Loch Ness Monster). Later that year, the “first picture of Nessie was taken near Foyers [Scotland] by Hugh…show more content…
It is a reasonable explanation, because the fish are large enough to appear to be Nessie. They are natural and common in the lake. However, they do not provide “clear evidence” (Cohen 431) about whether or not Nessie exists for sure. There is no way to account for certain reported features of the monster, such as the “long, dinosaur-like neck and head” (Cohen…show more content…
The main one is the identity of Nessie herself. Though there have been many credible eyewitness sightings, “no live monsters have been caught after innumerable attempts” (Strangemag). A body would be the ultimate proof of her existence. Some people also believe that “if researchers could find out what Nessie eats and how, it would unlock the mystery” (Ultimate Loch Ness Monster). It has been theorized that she feeds on abundant zoo plankton in the lake, but that could only support a large monster for so long. Another piece of unsolved evidence is the age of Nessie. Some ask “what could be in the loch that people are seeing… centuries later?” (Ultimate Loch Ness Monster). Nessie has been sighted for thousands of years, but they increased significantly about eighty years ago. Some critics make the valid point that “the monster has no real history before 1930” (Strangemag), which is proof enough for the majority of

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