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Lisa Scottoline was born July 1, 1955 in Philadelphia. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and also obtained a law degree from there. She later became a litigator at the law firm in Philadelphia, but soon left after the birth of her daughter. After leaving the law firm, she began writing as a way to earn money from home. Her book Final Appeal received the 1995 Edgar Award for “Best Paperback Original Mystery”. Since then, she has written fourteen bestselling novels, which includes her best-known Look Again. As well as being a New York Times Bestselling Author, her books have also been translated into twenty-five different languages. Save Me was inspired by the topic of bullying. Bullying is a topic in which everyone seems to have…show more content…
However, after reading it again, I see the point is very clear. Bullying is a main topic that is discussed very frequently now days. It seems to be a growing topic that many are trying to prevent. Although bullying is usually associated with younger children, Lisa Scottoline shows that it can even happen to older people. Lisa Scottoline was very relatable to life today. Even in the babysitting and working in summer camp I see that bullying is very prevalent. It can be the simplest things and kids will immediately pick on each other. Her points on bullying were very convincible. However, like in many books, the fact that everything worked out perfectly in the end is not very convincing. This is what makes a good book though. We like to read about things that work out, not things that don’t. The only thing that I think the book has left out is life after these series of events. I think another book could be written following this one. How did Reeseburgh respond to Rose after everything that had happened cleared over? Did Amanda and Melly become friends? What about Rose and Eileen? What happened to Miss Canton and the baby? Simple questions like these would have made the book a little better if they were

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