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Girl with the Pearl Earring Girl with the Pearl Earring is the name of a painting artist Vermeer created in 1665. This painting shares a title with the movie that tells its story of how Vermeer came about the commission for this painting and his relationship with the girl in the painting. The movie encases several main themes, displays its artistic merits, and gives a more sound understanding to the meaning behind the painting. The Girl with the Pearl Earring was about a 17-year-old girl, Griet, who became a maid to help support her family. In this movie she finds a common interest with the Master Painter Johannes Vermeer in the field of art. This common interest between the Master Painter and the Griet, the maid only added to the animosity Catharina already had for Griet. Commissioner van Ruijven saw the connection between Vermeer and Griet and requested a painting from Vermeer. This painting was to be solely of Griet. Aware of the turmoil this painting would cause, this commission was kept secret from Catharina. However, Catherina finds out about the painting and the Girl with the Pear Earring is unveiled to the world. The main themes in this film are secrecy, deception, tension, and lust. Secrecy, along with deception, is displayed in this movie when van Ruijven commissions Vermeer to paint a portrait of Griet. With every member in the…show more content…
The characters did very well in portraying the movie’s main themes as well as adding to the story. Catharina’s hostility and bitterness were well captured by the actress while Griet’s innocence, weariness, and shyness were clearly displayed. Vermeer remained mysterious and complicated throughout the whole movie. He seemed apprehensive about his paintings, and clearly wanted acceptance and appreciation. It seemed that he lacked this appreciation and acceptance from Catharina, as she was self-centered and

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