Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov

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The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky’s is a story about a long term struggle between three brothers and their father. Within the story, Zoisma, a wise man who resides in a monastery guides Alexei, who is one of the brothers, to bring his family to peace. Zoisma is a very important character in this book as he becomes Alexei’s mentor, shaping him into the individual he is throughout the story, and for his wisdom about morals and others characters up until his death. Zoisma is an extremely intelligent man who is seen as a celebrity in the monastery he attends. He is devoted to his faith and to helping others who are morally struggling. Within the story Zoisma is described as at short, thin old man with wrinkles and small eyes. He is sixty-five…show more content…
Everyone who comes across Zoisma’s tracks is given complete respect, open ears, and no judgement. Zoisma is a very religious person and seems to be genuine about his faith in God. He is also a very patient, intuitive, and understanding man no matter what obstacles or people are thrown his way. These traits are clearly pronounced in Book Two: Chapter 2 titled The Old Buffon. Within this segment of the story we see Zoisma’s meeting with Aloysha, Fyodor (Aloysha’s father), and Misusov who is the cousin of Fyodor’s first wife. The scene begins with Fyodor and Misusov embarrassing Aloysha as they do not kneel to Zoisma asking for his blessing and only awkwardly bow to him. Fydor begins the conversation by apologizing to Zoisma about Dimitri, one of his sons, being late to arrive to their meeting. He then goes on and rambles about how he is a “natural born buffoon” and argues with Misusov the entire time (41). Throughout the argument though, Zoisma just looks at them back and forth, showing his patience, until Misusov tries to leave he room in anger. Zoisma then stands up and grabs his hands begging him to not be upset and sit back down. Misusov does so and then Fydor begins again with his rambling asking Zoisma if he has offended him. At this point in the story, the reader sees how clearly disrespectful Fydor has been to Zoisma and expects
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