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Apes Jane Goodall is a well-known and respected female anthropologist who spends the majority of her time studying apes habitats and evolving lifestyles. She is studying a species that has the capability of performing human-like actions day by day, making life in the wild more accessible. These ‘actions’ are performed within groups of primates inhabiting the untouched and touched regions of the rainforest. A multitude of anthropologists, including Professor Goodall, observe the primates’ actions and are fascinated by these ancestral beings. The chimpanzee & bonobos populations’ intelligence expands constantly while they evolve in the risky forests of Africa, Asia, South America etc). The documents and recordings help scientists try to understand primates’ actions. They study the primates in detail and justify the human-like skills adapted to make life easier. Not only did the primates embody humans physically but they also expressed responsibility and immense compassion for their family surrounding them. These unique characteristics adapted by chimpanzee, bonobos and other primates have interested anthropologists. Apes are humans closest relative and they are evolving as best they on this planet earth. A…show more content…
Chimpanzees life span is for almost fifty-five years. The anthropologists are studying Chimpanzee’s interesting evolution. Chimpanzees are knuckle walkers but studies document them incorporating other types of locomotion in their walk. Bonobos are a close relative of Chimpanzees with a life span lasts for about forty year. Chimpanzees, Bonobos and Humans have all adapted immensely during the last 20 years. Jane Goodall has been studying Chimpanzees in Tanzania since 1960. Jane Goodall states that, “modern technology have transformed the way field biologists perform their work” Humans have adapted and multiplied rapidly more than any other mammal. Humans are omnivores and practice a variety of

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