Ancient Nubia Weaknesses

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There has been a debate raging recently in the different news outlets about whether Ancient Nubia equaled the power, success, and strength of Ancient Egypt. While reading many sources, modern and ancient, I have come to the conclusion that Nubia didn’t rise to the same level as Egypt. In order to prove this, we will look at what Nubia had going for it. Then we will look at their weaknesses. Finally, we will talk about why those weaknesses far outweigh the strengths. Now I will tell you the strengths about the Egyptians and the Nubians. Here are some quotes that are positive for the Egyptians, ”The Ethiopians are said to be the tallest and handsomest men in the whole world;” “Ethiopians copper is of all metals the most scarce and valuable” This means that there was a lot of copper and metal that they could trade food and other goods for. “Their gold is obtained in great plenty, huge elephants abound, with wild trees of all sorts, and ebony; and the men are taller, handsomer, and longer lived than…show more content…
Here are some quotes that are negative for Egyptians, ”In their customs they differ greatly from the rest of mankind, and particularly in the way they choose their kings; for they find out the man who is the tallest of all the citizens, and of strength equal to his height, and appoint him to rule over them” The king made the stronger men work for him, but then there wouldn't be any in the world to help build things and protect the people. “Soon after the Twentieth Dynasty in Egypt, the Egyptians lost control over Nubia and the land was plunged into a dark age,” “Soon, Egypt was under Nubian control… ” The kings of egypt were no longer king over Nubia, and the rules had changed. ”Because the Nubians controlled the corridor to Africa, they soon became prosperous merchants,” “Through their kingdom passed the riches of Africa in exchange for wine, olive oil, linen, grain, and bronze

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