Ks Endeavour Case Study

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VIEWPOINT KS Endeavour is a jack-up rig operated by Chevron Nigeria Limited. The rig is used for drilling natural gas exploration well and located in the Funiwa Field, approximately six (6) miles from the coast and approximately forty (40) feet of water. January 16, 2012, the KS endeavour catches on fire during the early hours and according to Andrew Fawthrop, managing director, Chevron’s Nigeria/Mid-Africa Strategic Business Unit, they don’t know what caused the incident but they are working diligently to extinguish the fire that is restricted in the rig. They also deployed well control specialist and drilling experts and they are continuing their full cooperation with Nigerian authorities who are committed to provide additional information until the cause of incident will know. There were one hundred fifty-four…show more content…
Every time they “saw thick smoke coming out of the open hole, and we were all scared like hell because we could see a disaster happening any moment yet they (Chevron) did not evacuate us - why, I do not know.” In fact, “this is the reason so many of us survived because we were all aware that it was going to happen, but just didn't know when.” This statement is said by Frenchman worker in the platform. Here is another statement that proves the negligence of Chevron Corporation, Omietimi Nana, a maintenance worker on the rig stated that, “about three days before the accident, the drilling company workers told us they wanted to stop drilling because of the gas pressure, but they spoke with Chevron who told them to carry on. Everyone was talking about how the mud weight had been lost but by then it was too late to stop the gas rising to the

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