Essay On Importance Of Vitamins

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Are vitamins important for our body? every person need to take vitamins in their life style, because they benefit the body in many ways and some people who have lack of a specific vitamin, take vitamin pills to complete the amount that their body needs. Also vitamins are important to get a healthy body and healthy life style. [Nada Salem Mulla 32488] Vitamin is an organic source of micronutrient that benefit our body in healthy way. It plays a lot of functions in our body, like regulating process and maintaining bone health and growth and development also for antioxidant defense. Antioxidants is a natural substance that may prevent or delay some types of cell damage. Vitamins occurs naturally in commonly eaten foods. There are different kind of vitamins such as: vitamin A, D, E, and K that are fat soluble vitamins which can be stored in the body for long period of time. Other kind of vitamins such as: vitamin C and B are water soluble vitamins that dissolve in water and not stored by the body. The fat soluble vitamins has more risk in toxicity than…show more content…
And how does cancer grow in a human’s body? A cancer is a cell that has a damaged DNA that is over control. Cancer cells will increase either in the same part of the body or also spread to other parts. This cells does not stop increasing or die unless it is attacked from external methods such as chemical medication. This un-controlled cell growth has many reasons and sometime it does not have any reason, but the body cannot control it. Cancer does not know if this person is a kid, woman or man it can happen in any time to any one specially in this generation, our food or the products we use in general has genetic components, bad hormones which is often use nowadays for helping men to be more fit. Moreover, X-ray’s can have bad effect on cells and many other medical reasons. One of the hardest reasons is the genetic cancer. Which will be for more than a person in the family because it is in their

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