Les Misérables: A Movie

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Les Misérables I came in to see a play with the background story knowledge, for I had watched the incredible movie based upon this play. I was incentivized to be critical when watching the play. What I was expecting from the play was to obtain a submersion in the first person to feel as part of history. It is hard to compare a movie to a play, especially when both have won renowned awards. But after experiencing the play Les Misérables, my involvement in the play allowed me to sense the various characters’ feelings behind this historical novel. The play’s name was Les Misérables, by Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil from the novel by Victor Hugo. The production company was San Diego’s Boutique Theatre Company and directed by Robert…show more content…
Knowing that I had to create a review for the play, I was more attentive and sensitive to the elements. It was the lighting that captured my attention the most. Lighting infatuated every mood in the scene; it would dim or brighten, change colors, and even put spotlights upon certain characters to promote more focus. The lighting not only gave a sense of sadness, happiness, and peacefulness, it also was able to promote excitement from the audience and made the play really eye appealing. The costumes of the play were nonetheless extraordinary. All of the characters dresses were extremely credible as they were representing the…show more content…
The story has various main actors and actresses who all play an important role. All the characters are interconnected with one another somehow. By doing so, the author managed to maintain the plot of the play as more relationships between them come to appear as the acts develop. It is helpful to understand the relationship between the main characters, so I will present their relationship next. The eight main characters are: Jean Valjean, a prisoner who was released after serving over a decade in prison. After a life of continuous struggle for his past conviction, he rises, but then is prosecuted once authorities realize about his conviction past. Javert is the town’s police officer. He makes Jean Valjean’s life miserable as he continues to appear as a law authority throughout the story even when Valjean flees several times from Javert. Fantine is Cosette’s mother. She plays the role of a prostitute to support young Cosette and symbolizes the injustices of France at that epoch. Cosette starts off as a kid in the play and when her mother dies becomes Jean Valjean’s adoptive daughter. Valjean is very overprotective of Cosette. Mr. Thenardier is the head of the Thenardier household. Him, together with his family take little Cosette in to look after her when she was a baby. Mdm. Thenardier together with Mr. Thenardier sell little Cosette when Cosette’s mother dies. The

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